Monday, October 22, 2007

Godspeed STS-120

Tomorrow at 10:38AM (CST) the crew of the Discovery will launch from Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Two of the astronauts on this mission, Doug Wheelock and George Zamka, both attend our church. Dh and I were invited to attend this launch but unfortunately were unable to go.

Please pray for these men and the entire crew as they prepare for their fourteen days in space. This mission will be to bring the Harmony module to the International Space Station which will provide attachment points for European and Japanese laboratory modules.

For our friends, Doug and George, this will be their first trip into space and what they have dreamed about since they were accepted into NASA's Astronaut Candidate Training Program in 1998. They are both daddies of some terrific kids and husbands to two great ladies.

Discovery on Liftoff

Discovery's Crew for STS-120


Space Cowboy said...

Off in the wild blue (soon turning to black) yonder!!!

my5wolfcubs said...

I will be praying for safety and success! Do you have a link for regular updates on the mission?

Jennefer said...


Here is NASA's Launch Blog where they will cover not only the launch but the entire mission!


my5wolfcubs said...

We were able to follow the blog updates and watch a few of the video clips in between! I bookmarked the main log and will keep praying. Thanks for sharing this with us!!

Jenny in Ca said...

really neat, how cool to know some astronauts!!