Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Schoolroom 2010

I have not shown our schoolroom since this post back in 2007. This summer was the first time I made significant changes other than adding more and more books each year. ;) When it came time to organize our new materials, I realized there was - at all. Plus we had stacks of books all over the floor in every available space...and that was before I unboxed this years' supply. We bought new shelves and since we had to move everything out anyway, we decided to paint, too. I was never crazy about the old color but this new color I adore! It's so warm and it looks great with the espresso colored shelves.

Our schoolroom is really a formal dining and is in the very front of the house. This is the first thing you see when you walk in our home.

Here is a full view (or as full as my camera would allow) of one wall.

Top shelf: poetry books and educational resource books for me; second shelf: discipleship resources and in the basket are handmade preschool games and activities; third shelf: science-related books; fourth shelf: math manipulatives; fifth shelf: misc. notebooks.

In the basket on the floor to the left of the shelf are current history supplemental books (I pull six weeks worth at a time). On top of center shelf are our school supplies. The two larger drawers on either side are mine and the center ones hold the boys' markers, twistables, glue sticks, scissors and crayons. On the floor to the right of the shelf are some big books for Beckett (mostly ABC and number books) for him to look at when he wants to be in there with us. On the actual bookcase's top shelf are Thatcher's materials we use daily (or close to it) and the bottom is for Haddon.

Top shelf: SOTW books and activity guides not currently in use as well as a few books from our study of the ancients; second shelf: books from the medieval and early modern periods; third shelf: modern history, Texas history and GeoPuzzles; fourth shelf: misc. chapter books; fifth shelf: more notebooks.

I love these maps! We have had them for three years now and they are one of the most utilized resources we own. Before each history lesson we circle in vis-a-vis where the area is we are studying. The boys are always coming over to look at something. Currently Haddon is really interested in the flags at the bottom of the world map. :)

This is our preschool board. I blogged about it in a previous post if you are interested. Beckett is loving it just like his brothers did before!

The full wall on the opposite side.

On top of this bookcase are our educational puzzles. The top shelf holds Spanish games and resources. The center shelf holds science books for Haddon's science basket - Let's Read and Find Out, Magic School Bus, Scholastic: Question and Answer and Usborne Beginners (science related titles only). The bottom shelf holds old scholastic leveled readers from my teaching days, Bob Books, Primary Phonics Readers and a few Nora Gaydos sets.

And just because he's only made my blog once, a photo of our sweet Wrigley! :)


Kellie said...

I love your school room! The color is beautiful. I've had to make some changes to our school room this year too and for the same reason -- too many books!

Your dog looks so sweet. : )

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Kathy said...

Where did you buy your USA and world maps? them!

Jennefer said...


I got them from Rainbow Resources several years ago. They came already laminated and rolled. I just did a search at Rainbow and it looks like they still carry them (or some at least very similar). Just type "rolled maps" in their search box and several options will come up. We love the laminated ones b/c we can write all over them with vis-a-vis and it just wipes right off when we are done!

Happy Shopping!

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Wonder woman...sorta said...

Amazingly organized! It looks so comfy. :)

Melanie said...

It's lovely! I especially like the history book basket. :)

Melissa said...

What a great room! It's so open and bright!

Wendy said...

Looks great; so organized!

Kristi Neeleman said...

Love the puppy! Golden to be sure. Have two them myself. I found your blog looking at running but peeked at other things too. Nice blog!