Saturday, November 24, 2007

Finally...a Plan! (Part Two)

A few additional thoughts I forgot to include in my first post:

One more thing I am excited about is finding the Accountable Kids program. I first read about it at Lisa's blog and after talking with her and pouring over their site, I feel like it will be a great fit for us. Now I am saving up to purchase it. I think it will really help Thatcher see what he is responsible for and work towards doing those things consistently with less guidance from mommy. He really desires to take more responsibility for his "stuff" but doesn't know how to go about it. I have tried all sorts of charts and other incentives with limited success but I really feel that AK will be different! Here is a photo of the AK board just in case your interest is piqued:

Lastly, as I began thinking and praying about how we needed to help Thatcher more, I quickly realized that part of the problem was me. I am a person who needs lots of sleep - eight hours will do but nine is optimal. When I do not discipline myself in this area I am too often not as patient as I need and want to be with my boys. Since this past summer when I basically became a night owl, I rarely get the sleep I need; I always feel I have too much to do to stop and rest. Sleep doesn't feel like "doing" anything because I don't have a box to check for a task completed (yes, I am one of those box-checker types. Lol!). I guess I need to make a new to-do list with "Get 8 hours of sleep" at the very top!

Well that about sums it up: fish oil supplements, dairy-free, gluten-free, Accountable Kids, and more sleep for mom. I will let you know how it goes and thanks so much to all those who offered advice and encouragement. It is truly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I am homeschooling a 9yr old dd with adhd who also had too many of the side effects that you mentioned to continue on with medication. For now we are just dealing with her symptoms with love,patience,and prayer.Things have gotten easier with age but it is still a struggle. I stumbled across your blog recently and just wanted to say that I admire your commitment to helping your son and will be checking your blog to see how it works for your family. Thanks for sharing your story.It is encouraging to read of another mother dealing with the same issues we are.

LisaWA said...

Sleep! I love and need my sleep too. I am a recovering night owl. I cant make it much past 10:00 now. I turn to a pumpkin or my brain turns to mush.... either way... Im no use for anything after thattime! :)

Cant wait to hear how AK works out!! RyLee recieved her first date this weekend. we went to see Enchantment ( funniest movie ever! I loved it) and play games at Chuckie Cheese. She had a ball....


PS. Sorry for writing a book here.... lol

my5wolfcubs said...

I borrowed the AK book from a friend who is using it, I really like waht I read BUT I can not think of activities that my kids would be willing to pay for w/ tickets, except computer time. I might get it too really does seem like a good program!

I've been getting a lot more than usual sleep lately -- (more than my usual 5 hours) and it does make a difference!!


my5wolfcubs said...

Oh, I just had an idea for you! An Accountable Mom reminder card -- 8 hours of sleep. No 8 hours, no ticket for you, young lady! :)