Friday, January 11, 2008

GFCF Recipes to Try this Week

I haven't had too much in the way of homeschool stuff to blog about lately because most of my spare time has been spent researching and cooking gluten-free/casein-free.

After two hours of research here are the dinner recipes I am going to try this week (I will post the recipes of any keepers):

Spring Rolls with a peanut dipping sauce- with chicken, broccoli slaw, peanuts and rice noodles

Chicken Enchiladas - with corn tortillas and a homemade enchilada sauce (since most canned varieties have flour in them) - served with spanish rice, refried beans and guacamole

Forgotten Chicken - Chicken thighs basted in honey and slow cooked in the oven; I will serve this will mashed potatoes (cf of course) and whatever veggies look yummy at the store.

Swordfish - basted in a honey, orange juice and soy sauce (wheat-free) marinade! Yummy.

GFCF crispy chicken strips - with roasted potatoes and fresh veggies

In addition to these I will make a few old favorites that just happen to be GFCF, too.

For snacks I will try these recipes:

Homemade hummus with Ener-G's gluten free pretzels
GFCF Peanut butter cookies
Stovetop Popcorn with Earth's Balance Butter
GFCF Homemade Granola
GFCF Crackers

Here's hoping I find some yummy recipes this week! :)


LisaWA said...

Mmm, they sure sound good! I look forward to it. You are doing an great job my dear!

The Holidays were a huge setback for my own healthy eating, so I started back on Monday. Here is to good eats!


mom24 said...

Good start to your GF/CF planning! Have you tried to use ghee instead of hydrogenated oil based margerines? It's casein free but can be used in cooking like butter. I just got some - I'll let you know what it's like when we try it!

judahmo said...

Having done food elimination diets several times to rule out food allergies, I know how hard it can be to find recipes that meet what you need and taste good as well. These all sound really yummy!

I'll be interested in following your journey with this. Good Luck.

Angela said...

Thanks for posting- I am trying to eat better- I might try some of these out- By the way I love the pics of the kids!

Angela (WTM Board-Classic Mom)

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite homeschool blog to come to because we are using the same books. My name is Rose and I also have a 7year old. I hope you post again soon. Blessings, Rose

my5wolfcubs said...

SWORDFISH?! I thought I was brave trying trout last week instead of our usual tilapia! :) Everyone said the trout was okay, but they all liked the tilapia better...guess we don't do change all that well either!

Tracie said...

I was wondering where you get your GF/CF recipes. Any cookbooks you recommend (especially for kid food). And was also wondering if you can give us a list of your favorite GF/CF, healthy products.

We are switching to GF. We love Tinkyada brown rice pasta. But we tried Amy's mac and cheese--yuck. I'm considering CF--I'm noticing a hyperactive trend in my son after lots of milk.

Any insight you can give us on what works for your fam, I'd appreciate it! Thanks