Saturday, February 9, 2008

What's Happening at Smooth Stones Academy

Lots and not so much! How's that?!

For one, the last four Fridays one of my babies has come down with a sickness. First Haddon had a five day fever virus. The next Friday it was Beckett's turn - a 3 day fever, followed by a cold and topped off with an ear infection. Last Friday it was Haddon's turn again, and today poor Thatcher got hit with the flu (I think) pretty hard. He is one sick little guy. So I've been spending lots of time nursing little ones to health.

In the middle of all this we are still doing school everyday and things are going well. I will post a two-week weekly report later this weekend hopefully. Oh, and for those of you who have tagged me for one thing or another, I will try to get to that soon, promise! :)

I've been running again - although still not as much as I'd like due to lots and lots of rain and the aforementioned sicknesses. In January I ran a total of 71.6 miles. My goal is to run 20 miles a week so I was pretty close most weeks. So far I've run less than ten miles in February. Sigh. If you exercise - walk or run- I would encourage you to log your miles. It can be really encouraging over time to watch those miles add up!

The new diet is in full swing. We are five weeks into this venture and none of us is starving....yet! I have learned so much and been in the kitchen more than I ever have. I am running my dishwasher two times a day most days. ICK! Honestly, I love to cook - it's just the cleaning up I detest. Lol.

We have removed all dairy/casein and all gluten (that I am aware of at this point - it's amazing what all has wheat in it). We have also eliminated all dyes, preservatives (BHT, BHA, sodium benzoate...) , high fructose corn syrup (except a few items that we need to keep due to the fact they are the only gf alternative - like Heinz ketchup), additives and artificial flavorings of any kind. I was pretty good about that before but I was amazed at how many things I still had in our home that had one of these ingredients in it.

Honestly, it's been amazing to me how far the Western diet has gotten away from healthy eating in the past 50 years since the advent of prepackaged foods. Sad really. Did you know that most of the dyes used in our food are petroleum based, and that nitrates and nitrites in hot dogs and bacon are believed to be cancer causing? Creepy, huh?! Anyway, I have lots of yummy recipes to share - most of which even the non-gfcf crowd might enjoy but I have not decided the best way to share them: here at this blog or start another blog just for favorite recipes. Do I have time for that? I don't even post here as much as I would like!

So, cooking, caring for sick ones, cooking, school, running and did I mention cooking are filling most of my days here. Just thought I'd let you know!


Anonymous said...

Glad that all are well. So how long have you been running? I would love to do that. I would probably have to start out with a light job at my current cardiovascular level. I haven't jogged in over 10 yrs and I'm young. LOL So sad! We don't eat processed meats either. A friend of mine worked in a hot dog plant and believe me, you don't even want to know what they put in hot dogs and bologna. Yuk!

mom24 said...

You're doing better than I - I CANNOT do school is more than one kid is sick. And I'm with you on the food prep - I was just thinking to myself today how we're running the dishwasher so much more! It REALLY is amazing how much yucky stuff is still lingering around in your food when you think you're eating healthy but are forced to look at EVERY ingredient! I've recently found some good pork products w/o the nitrates and have purged all canned good w/ EDTA etc. Having to soak and cook all the beans and grains in addition to so much baking is time consuming. But it feels soooo good to know that we are helping our precious kids, doesn't it?
Good idea about tracking the miles! I don't run but do walk a lot and have a little pedometer that would be a good motivator to use.
You keep on keeping on! Think about another blog later - when everyone is healthy again and you have time to breath!

carisahinson said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I added yours to my bloglines and look forward to keeping up with yours! Seems we have some things in common, I was excited to read about your healthy eating, I too detest the cleaning. I am not a huge fan of cooking (my husband was a chef and does most of it) but he will make what I suggest to him most of the time! We are slowly eliminating/adding things to our diet as well.

I pray your boys begin to recover, I struggle when just 1 is sick!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...


I am both amazed and impressed that all that schooling and running happened with sick kids. Just goes to show what determination and stick-to-it-iveness can do!

I knew about the hot dogs... but bacon? Darn, I really *heart* bacon. Keep blogging about this... I am learning a lot just from you. I know my family could use an eating revolution. But, wow... it is a lifestyle change.

But you and my friend Dainty finally got me convinced to actually work out. I'm dreading it, or dreading starting it... but I see the importance.

Keep up the great work, girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about all the sickness. Sound like your maintaining though ;') My husband started eating healthly in Dec 06 and working out. Sounds like your new eating habits are alot like his. The rest of the family has adopted his habits as well. It has all been for the better. In the past year he has lost almost 80 lbs. went from a waist of 42 down to a 36 and has gained alot of muscle. I have lost 12 lbs but need about 7 more to get to were I want to be. The past month we went strictly meat and fresh vegetables and we both have lost 6 lbs. It is amazing what nasty ingredients food has in it these days! It is alot of work to eat healthy but the only thing that has helped me is to cook a large amount of what ever and store/freeze it.
Praying the boys get well and you have a productive week!


Jenny in Ca said...

I hope your boys all get well soon, goodness sounds like you are so busy- good for you keeping up the schooling in the midst of sickness- I don't do so well with that.

Your running is inspiring, I'm just trying to get out and walk!

Your food journeys are very interesting, please keep sharing with us.

have a great weekend!

LisaWA said...

Jennefer... you are so busy... I admire you girl... a lot!

So sorry you have been dealing with sickness.... its seems to be gowing around.... HOpe every recovers soon and next week you all start fresh and well.

I am looking forward to some of your recipes! I am so amazed at what you have accomplished and learned in such a short amount of time.... you go girl!

love, Lisa

Rachel said...

I am sorry that you have all been so sick.. it is so hard when your little ones are miserable, isn't it?

I can't wait for the recipes... that is the hard part for me with diets like that -- what to cook, and are they any good at all? So your favorites would be awesome to see!