Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekly Report - Weeks 26-31

It's been sooo long since I've posted a Weekly Report - six weeks to be exact. We've been plugging along with not much new to report. Still here is a quick overview of where we are.

Math - We are up to lesson 150. Ten lessons to go and we are finished with Horizons 2. Yahoo! Today Thatcher took his test and made 91%. I couldn't be more pleased. We don't do all the supplemental worksheets, suggested activities and flash cards listed in the TM. I started out trying to do it all and it was just leading to frustration for both of us. The only thing we do in addition to the actual lesson is skip count each day. He now knows how to skip count to 100 by all numbers 1-10. We are spending time reviewing these since he still gets a little confused here and there.

Reading - We have been reading the first four books in the Encyclopedia Brown series. It's so fun to share this series with him because I also enjoyed them as a child. The author, Donald Sobol, even visited my elementary school when I was in fourth grade. I was so ready to stop reading Magic Tree House books I was about to scream. They were wonderful as starter chapter books but they long ago served their purpose. This seemed like a good series to move to. The unplanned benefits is that it has really supplemented our start to logic. He has to pay careful attention to the details of each story to try and solve the mystery. He hasn't solved one on his own yet but with some loving guidance from Mommy, he has gotten close a few times. I feel like he is finally starting to learn how to think and not just what to think!

I mentioned in a previous post, but we've also been reading Christian Liberty Nature Reader, Book 1. I also read a chapter to him in Prudence and the Millers every day as well.

Logic - He loves Mind Benders and asks to do these first every day. Next year we are going to branch out a little more (but that's another post!) but for now these are a perfect start!

Spanish - United Streaming Elementary Spanish has been a wonderful start for us. I really think that one of the reasons is Thatch likes hearing another voice other than mine ;) We will finish our fifth unit next week and then take a break this summer to focus on all the Spanish games and activities we own.

Spelling - SWO B is going well. We are up to Lesson 12 and Thatcher has yet to miss one on any test. I have decided to keep him going to build confidence and teach him to follow directions. He loves workbooks (sigh) and looks forward to finishing his assigned pages every day. We are currently doing two lessons a week. I am not planning on continuing with SWO next year as I have found some terrific resources that (I feel) will do all that SWO does and more!

Grammar - Not happening. I have realized that if we don't have a page to fill in it doesn't get done (double sigh). This is a me problem, not a Thatcher issue. I need to make some decisions about this for next year with this in mind. We do talk about grammar through copywork and in stories we read but nothing formal is being taught. I know so many say that formal grammar isn't necessary until later but I still feel guilty about this.

History - We are up to chapter 34 and will complete two chapters a week to complete SOTW 1 by the end of the month. Luckily lots of these chapters can easily lump together so it won't be bad at all. SOTW has been a great start to our history journey. This year we have basically stuck with reading the story in the book, completing the coloring page, map and doing a narration for each chapter. I have lots of ideas for next year in this area too!

Science - Nothing formal happening here either. But do you want to know something that made me feel better today? A friend of mine kept Beckett while Thatcher, Haddon and I went into town on a field trip. Now granted this friend has three children of her own, one of whom is a boy.Yet after keeping my little man for four hours she said, "I don't know how you get anything done with that one! He is into everything!!!!" Amen, sister. You take your eyes off him for five minutes and he is flooding your bathroom and water is pouring through your downstairs light fixtures. Ask dh how he learned this lesson ;) This kid is a mess. I love him with all my being but boy the stories I will have to tell at his rehearsal dinner someday!

I will do another Report once we have finished our school year. :) Yahoo! I get excited just typing that.


Jenny in Ca said...

wow, you are really getting a lot done! as far as your grammar lament, I think I know what you theory I like a more CM approach to things, but it seems it is easier for me to assign a page and get it done.

you weekly reporters really impress me, I keep meaning to do one at my place, but I am so scattered that I shy away from trying to report it all of these days I will...

thanks for sharing, it's always a treat!

mom24 said...

You seem to be on task. Don't let the grammar bother you - it did me for a while but then I realized that with all the literature and copywork they are getting, it will come. The foundation that you are working on is great! I also am soooo glad to be approaching their education in this classical style so that they will be motivated to learn and able to think!

THe logic sounds like fun and something I'd like to try. But for now our plate is full with adding 2 more subjects (Spanish and art) next year as well another student (Reagan in K).

Good job!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Sounds wonderful. Thatch is getting a very rounded education. I wouldn't stress about grammar or science if I were you. Since you already have United Streaming, adding in a video while you wash dishes is an easy way to sneak in 8 min of science. At least, that's what I do.

I am so ready for a couple weeks off!

Kristiana said...

It looks great! I'm the same way with grammar--FLL is so easy, but I have to sit down and do it with him, and more often than not, it just doesn't happen. We like workbook pages to fill in here too. I'll be interested to hear what you're doing with spelling. My oldest loves SWO but I do not and I'm trying to figure out what to do there. I should try Mind Benders, I used to do those for fun as a child.

As I was lamenting what we're not getting done to dh yesterday, he assured me that what we have done this year is so much more than he would have gotten in public school. That thought always makes me feel better and think it's OK!
Take care!

Karen said...

Looks like you had an excellent week. We love the Encyclopedia Brown series here too. I don't think my dd started to get the answers until half-way through the second book. We are the same about grammar, I am going to have to have workbook or no grammar will get done. Enjoy.