Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Great Series of Science Readers

Sorry I have been absent for so long (again!). Dh and I traveled to St. Louis to spend time with old friends and made some wonderful new ones, too. Once I got back home three of us were struck with a yucky summer cold. We've been sniffling, coughing and generally miserable all week. Hopefully tomorrow will be the turning point back to health.

Tonight though as Thatcher headed upstairs to read before bed he begged to grab a book off his science shelf. We own many science readers but he loves one series best of all. I thought I would share it here! It's the Let's Read and Find Out Science series. We have about 20 titles and my boys love each and every one of them. Level 1 books are perfect for beginning readers and Level 2 books for an average second grade reader, give or take. They are not super consistent in leveling and can vary greatly. Still they are wonderful! One more great thing about them is that many are on the 4-for-3 promotion on Amazon. That means you buy three books for $5.99 each and the fourth is free! Each Christmas for the last few years has found a few of these books wrapped under the tree. If you are looking for good books to fill up a science basket or the like, check this series out. :)



Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Yes, these are great! I picked up a pile of them at a used curriculum fair a few years ago, but didn't really know what they were tillI got home. They will form the gentle, basis for my Ker's science program for the next year. Thankfully, the library loves them, too!

Lisawa said...

Love these! Ours are so old.... They are some of those books I have a hard time letting go of.... lol

Love ya!

Amy said...

I love these books so much too. The series has so many great topics. AS a matter of fact, I have my eye on 2 large sets of these books on Ebay, the auctions end in the next 2 days.

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

Hello. I love these books as well. We have a bunch of them in our library. I purchased ours through Scholastic and they were cheap, sold in sets. The "weather" series is really nice.

Angela said...

Oh yes! I love these books- I need to dust mine out and find them. Good to hear your trip was great!