Friday, October 24, 2008

Homeschool Blog Awards!

Today is the last day to vote!!!

I hope my favorite bloggers get to put a big fat "Nominee" button on their blogs! :)

That's some of you who are reading, by the way!!

Join Us at the HSBA!

Have you voted yet? There are only a few more days left and then the chance to nominate your favorite blogs will be over. Don't miss the chance to give your favorite bloggers a huge thank you for all they do by taking a few minutes to cast your vote! Here are the categories for this year's Homeschool Blog Awards (you can go the the site and see descriptions of each category):

1. Best Home school Mom Blog

2. Best Home school Dad Blog

3. Best Blog Design

4. Best Artistic Content Blog

5. Best Crafts, Plans & Projects Blog

6. Best Family or Group Blog

7. Best Encourager

8. ‘Live-What-You-Believe’ Home school Blog

9. Best Unschooling or Eclectic Homeschooling Blog

10. Best Geographical Blog

11. Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog

12. Best Homemaking or Recipes Blog

13, 14, 15. Best Teen Girl Blog, Teen Guy Blog, Teen Group Blog

16. Funniest Home school Blog

17. Best Cyber-Buddy Blogger

18. Best Curriculum or Business Blog

19. Best Variety

20. Best Thrifty Homeschooler


22. Best Nitty-Gritty Home school Blog

23. Best NEW Home school Blog

24. *new!* Best Homeschooling Methods Blog

I voted for my favorites today. Now it's your turn!!!



Lisawa said...

Why yes... I have!!

*Ü* (Big cheesy grin)


Darcy @ LWM3B said...

I voted! :)

Heart ya'!

HCA said...

I don't know that it is the same kind... but I have nominated you for a blog award! The details are on my blog... you're welcome to come check it out!