Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Monarchs

We've now had four monarch caterpillars leave the garden to pupate. The first three left and we could not find them, although we searched high and low. Then this guy decided to stick around. It reminded me of the end of Charlotte's Web where one of Charlotte's newly hatched babies decides to stay in the barnyard instead of flying away, much to Wilber's delight.

We watched him carefully until he did this.....

All that night we kept checking on him as an incredibly strong thunderstorm moved in with 60 mph wind gusts, dropping nine inches of rain in around two hours. The next afternoon (of course while I was at the grocery store :( ) he did this!

The wait has begun!

Here is a really neat site to read all about "How Caterpillars Work". Check about halfway down the page to see the photo that shows all the steps of the monarch forming his chrysalis. It's amazing!!!



Brittney said...

Way cool! I hope you will be able to witness him coming out! How amazing would that be!

Sheryl said...

I bet the boys are loving all of this. Ya'll have fun with your outdoor adventures.

Amy said...

Wow! How FUN! We will have to check out the "How Caterpillars Work" site. :)

Daisy said...

How exciting! We are watching our silk moths. Monarchs would be much more beautiful.