Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Moments

Friendship is not necessary, like philosophy, like art....
It has no survival value; rather it is one of those
things that give value to survival.
~C.S. Lewis
My birthday was this past Sunday. Dh and I are not huge birthday celebrators in our home. Sure for the kids we do the cakes and the party but for us it's much more low-key - special time with the kids and a dinner out for the two of us if we can secure a sitter.

Well this year my sweet husband surprised me and invited all my closest girlfriends to my favorite wine bar/coffee house. Friends of ours volunteered to keep the kids; they were in on his little secret and knew we were having a hard time finding a sitter. Dh took me to a new restaurant I had been wanting to try, and then we walked around looking at the bay. Very casually he asked if I wanted to go to C... for dessert before we picked up the boys and I said, "Sure!"

I walked in to find many of my closest girlfriends waiting for me! It turns out he had sent out invitations and had been planning this for a few weeks. Dh took a few pictures and then left to go pick up our boys leaving me to spend some wonderful time with these special ladies. We talked for hours and laughed so hard I cried. And then we talked some more. And more. And more. It was so very needed!

I am very lucky to know all of you. Each of you blesses me in a very special way by your grace, your encouragement, your love for Christ and your sweet friendship. Thank you for making my birthday one I will always remember...even if it's not my 53rd! ;)

Background info: That afternoon Haddon was sad because he hadn't made me a card. I told him that the best part of a card was what it said inside so I pulled him into my lap and asked him to tell me what his card would have said. His response:
Dear Mommy,

You are a joy to have around. You are a great Mommy. I love you very much. Happy 53rd birthday!



Teena said...

Happy Belated Birthay!! What a special treat! YOU are indeed blessed.

I am encouraged by reading your blog. I am an older mom... my youngest is 6... I miss my babies. My oldest is 24 and married.

Thanks for sharing~

argsmommy said...

Happy Birthday! How neat that your husband surprised you like that! I doubt many moms of young kids can say they've been on a date with their husband and had a girl's night out all in the same night. : )


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a wonderful day! Even if you are 53!;')) You don't look a day over 23!

brandy said...

Wow, how truly blessed you are to have so many close friends!! Happy Birthday!

Tracie said...

So glad you had a wonderful day!

Amy said...

How sweet! (Both on the part of your dh and your ds!) Happy birthday!

Corrie said...

Haddon's card message made me laugh out loud! It's good to remember those funny moments when we feel 53!

Lisawa said...

Happy late Birthday!! You dont look a day over 52!! lol You know Im kidding...

What a blessing... a great surprise for sure...

My son had his bday on the 14th... hes 20 now. Ry will be 13 on the 27th.

Miss ya~ Lisa

Theresa said...

Happy belated birthday. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Love Haddon's card :-)

Darcy @ m3b said...

Happy, happy belated 53rd birthday. (*snort* 53!)

That hubby bubby of yours is a keeper! What a thoughtful birthday surprise!

*hugs* miss you!