Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twitter Here I Come!

Okay, with a little trepidation I'm finally launching myself into the Twitterverse. Only time will tell if this will be beneficial or simply one more thing that will drive me nuts! ;)

For you Twitter gals and guys, you can follow me at @JenneferatSSA

Excuse me as I tweet outta here...



Hen Jen said...

Hi Jennefer, so glad to see you on twitter! I think there might be a thread over at the hive board, with twitter handles- I can't think of who is on twitter -off the top of my head, except PW. I know there are a few, I think I followed them from the thread. The best ways I've found to connect are by going to blogs I like to read and clicking on their twitter button and following- most people will follow you back. It also helps if you search hashtag lists- I follow #mobsociety (which is a website for Christian moms of boys) and also #homeschool- you can search it in the search box, or better, set up a tweet deck or hoot suite acct and it will have columns dedicated to your fav groups. Then, when you see an interesting tweet, follow that person.
At first, I didn't get it, but I figured the bigger bloggers must know something I don't, because they find it valuable. Now I like twitter more than FB and spend more time there. Once you make friends and have followers, it is a really good tool for getting your newer posts out and mentioned.

have fun, see you around twitter!

Jennefer said...

Thanks so much Jen! It has been a slow process but I'm enjoying Twitter so far. I love MOB Society! Thanks for taking the time to help me navigate this new world!!!