Monday, January 3, 2011

1000 Gifts: A New Year

I recently discovered Ann Voskamp's blog, A Holy Experience, and have been immensely blessed. I read a post describing her journey of gratitude that's ultimate expression has been her book soon to be released (on my reading list for 2010). I am a little late in joining the community of gratitude but am expectantly looking forward to all God will do through my journaling of 1000 gifts He has graciously bestowed.

And so it begins:

1. A new year full of hope and promise.

2. Three boys whom I absolutely adore.

3. A husband who loves me despite my many, many faults.

4. Being part of an amazing body of believers who bless me and spur me on.

5. Friends who know me, the good and bad, and still bless me with their friendship.

6. A warm and safe home.

7. An abundance of healthy food to eat.

8. Clothes to wear.

9. Clean water to drink.

10. The sweetest dog who ever loved three boys.

11. An invitation to lunch on our first day of the new semester.

12. Two new puppies that have brought our neighborhood out to fellowship.

13. A playdate with amazing friends.

14. The chance to redo things not done correctly the first time. Big things.

15. A hand me down treadmill I never could have purchased.

16. A hand me down Wii Fit I am enjoying to help get back in some kind of shape.

17. A fantastic start to our new semester.

18. Art online so this art-phobic mommy doesn't have to teach it.

19. A warm bowl of spaghetti and meatballs after playing outside in the cold.

20. Boys saying, "I'm sorry," and really meaning it.

* Photos were taken today on our first day back of the new semester. Thatch is showing off his art from his Mark Kistler art lesson. Haddon is working on phonics and Beckett is playing with wedgits.



Andrea said...

I have never been more inspired by any blog than by Ann's! I only discovered it this past year but everything about it moves me. So glad that you have found her inspirational as well!

Kellie said...

I've been considering joining 1000 gifts for a while after following a couple of other bloggers who have been participating. I've also pre-ordered her book and am looking forward to reading it, and now I'll look forward to reading your list too!