Sunday, July 8, 2007

No Problem!

Well, it was delivered last Thursday. From the time we decided to homeschool I knew wanted it...a magnetic dry erase board. But the story of how I finally got one turned out to be great!

We had been saving pennies for awhile, and last Monday it was time to go to the office supply store to make the big purchase. I knew exactly where it was and how much it was going to cost - two hundred and sixty-nine dollars plus tax. It was our one big purchase for this school year (other than curriculum, of course). This day when I walked to the back of the store it was priced at $209. Wooo-hoooo! I was going to save $60. How many more books could I buy with that money?! When I went to grab one of the "Take One" slips to carry to the register the pocket was empty. An employee said he would check the stockroom, but after not finding any he said he would place the order at the back computer - and waive the delivery fee for my trouble. Now I was really excited!

When it came time to pay, he couldn't find the correct board in the system. He asked me the dimensions and found another the same size. This one was $345 though. I quickly let him know that was not an an option, and he replied it would be, "No problem." He would simply do a price-match. Right in front of my eyes he lowered the price to $209 but he couldn't get the computer to waive the delivery fee. "No problem," he again stated. He would put the price of the board at $189 and leave the delivery fee; I would pay the same in the end. After asking 900 times if he really could do this without losing his job he assured me repeatedly it was, "No problem."

When he went to finalize the order the total came to only $202. We realized that after lowering the price the final time the computer had finally removed the delivery fee. I told him he needed to add $20 back to the price of the board but he said guessed it, "No problem!"

That's how I got a $345 ($393 when you add tax and delivery) dry erase board delivered to my front door for only $202! In another post I'll tell you all the things I plan on doing with my new toy!


Trivium Academy said...

Fabulous! You're going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I had to settle for a smaller one (20x16) b/c of cost but I wish I could have gotten a whole wall made out of magnetic dry erase board. It's great you have the easel dry erase too, my ds3 loves it and dd7 loves to work math problems and games on it as well.

Way to go with the discount!
: ) Jessica

Jenny in Ca said...

wow, it looks great! and what a great discount story!! I love returning victorious from a hunt!