Saturday, December 8, 2007

Introducing Jack Junior!

Meet our new pet....Jack Junior Betta Fish! That's truly what Thatcher named him. Jack is from the character in the Magic Tree House series; Junior is from Veggie Tales and he is a Betta. Anytime the boys refer to him they call him Jack Jr.

I wanted Thatcher to have his first taste of caring for a pet and having something depend on him. He's done a great job and really adores this little guy; they all do. Haddon begs Thatcher to let him help with Jack's feedings and Beckett is constantly pushing a chair from the kitchen table over to the counter so that he can climb up and watch Jack Jr.

One of the great thing about Bettas is that they are supposedly low maintenance fish. Unfortunately, I initially placed our tank near too much sunlight and I am already fighting algae growing in the tank (sigh). We're going back to PetSmart tomorrow to see if there are any algae-eaters that can reside with Bettas.

Dh just informed me last week that he wants to get a dog for the boys in January - Yikes! We are huge dog people and both grew up with big dogs (me Doberman Pinschers and he Border Collies). But I have always said that I do not want a dog until all my boys are completely potty trained. I am currently responsible for enough poo as it is. Lol!

When we were at the ranch for Thanksgiving, my in-laws' dog was there as were my bil's two puppies. Thatcher spent every single moment outside with those animals! It got dh thinking that it is time to get him his very own dog.

We have started negotiations so I'll let you know how it goes! We both want a large dog. I would prefer a female but dh really wants a male. We are trying to decide on a breed - previously Border Collies were a non-negotiable for him but he's agreed to look at other breeds that are less demanding. He has also agreed that whatever we choose can be an inside (mostly) dog! That was a non-negotiable for me. We're getting there. This is the breed I want - a Vizsla. Aren't they gorgeous?! I don't think they will be in our budget at $800 to $1500 each but maybe if we rescued one???


Trivium Academy said...

I love that, we have started negotiations...I chose Golden retriever pretty much for the same reasons you stated, but females in larger dogs are usually more hyper. I didn't know if you knew that. I learned that from all the puppy research and talking to the breeders.

Jack (our golden) is mostly inside, of course except when he's outside for a particular reason- potty, training or exercise. Ahem, exercise as in "I need you to be outside for a little while."

:) What fun Jennefer!!!!

LisaWA said...

Those are some cute puppies! Have not herd of that breed.... Cant wait to hear what you decide on... *Ü*


my5wolfcubs said...

Have you read the Border Collie picture books by Kim Lewis? I love her colored pencil illustration style. My 2yo has a beloved stuffed Border Collie named Gyp that was a Christmas present last year. I'll looking forward to reading your puppy posts in the new year. :)
Lee...sadly pet-less
PS How is Jack Jr doing?