Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our First Butterfly Emerged!

This actually happened a few weeks ago but I forgot to post the pictures! This is the monarch that emerged from here... The chrysalis changes from its jade green to completely transparent. I took this photo at 5:45 am as I was headed out for coffee with a friend. I was so hoping she would stay put until I got home.

Unfortunately Mother Nature didn't honor my request. ;) At 7:15 am Dh took this photo...

Gorgeous! She hung there until about noon when she started to flutter away. I ran out with my camera to get a photo and almost tripped over this guy below right outside my back door (I took this pic after I had moved him into the shade until I figured out what to do.)

The next few hours were spent tracking down someone who would take and rehab this Mourning Dove. There have been doves nesting on our roof since we have lived here. They have brought us so much joy over the years so we really wanted to help him. It took most of the rest of the afternoon to find someone who didn't live an absurd distance from me but in the end it was so worth it. The lady I brought him to took one look at the bird and said that one dose of one medication would fix him up. Without it he would have died very soon.

Encounters with nature in our tiny suburban backyard. Who knew?! :)



stephanie j. said...

What beautiful pictures of the monarch! We are monitoring a little caterpillar of unknown type :) in a cheapie bug-watching jar from Target...her name is Katina...pretty appropriate name, huh? Greek for "pure" -- after all, aren't those who are redeemed pure? (Ingrid my DD5 named her all on her own -- I'll have to use that in a Bible lesson this week.)

Anyway, I came to your blog after you commented on my WTM post on authoritative vs. authoritarian.

Thanks for the comment, because now I've gone back and read my notes from the Sunday School lesson, and I have a subject for a blog post of my own :)

God bless you and your homeschool!

School for Us said...

It is amazing at how much nature is on our suburban backyards, isn't it? I'm so glad you took the time to take care of that dove. And, I LOVE your monarch photos!

mom24 said...

Wonderful photos! Exciting lesson for the boys too! These are my favorite kinds of lessons....