Monday, October 11, 2010

Waiting for Superman

I am looking forward to seeing this movie. Just the trailer made me cry. Very thought-provoking for sure. I am most interested to see if they simply present the problems or if they go so far as to offer possible solutions. I am not anti-public school. Never have been. But I so think the system is broken for many, many kids, and I hope this movie brings awareness for so many children who wouldn't have a voice otherwise. For those kids waiting for Superman...


Kellie said...

Thanks for the preview -- it does look interesting. Like you, I'm curious to see what they propose doing to make things better. My mom was a public school teacher and it was sad to see her get more and more frustrated every year with how things were changing (for the worse).

P.S. I love the new pictures of your boys in the sidebar. What a handsome crew!

Ina's 5 and our Native Homeschool Blog said...

I read about this in McLeans magazine and Oprah covered in in a two parter. I am hoping it comes out in Canada or I will have to wait for video. I suspect (from what I read and what I saw on Oprah) that they are looking to charter schools as a solution. I have seen no mention of homeschooling at all.

Jennefer said...


It was waaay overdue for me to update the boys' pictures. They had grown and changed so very much. Thanks for the sweet words. I told the boys what you said and they just grinned! ;)


I am fascinated by the charter school concept, so I'll be interested to learn more. Honestly I am for just about anything that will introduce competition into an area that desperately needs it (in my opinion. I would love to see them at least give homeschooling a nod but I think the children they are following are from inner-city DC. Often in those situations you have 2 working parents and/or single parent homes so homeschooling may not be an option for those families. Can't wait to see this movie!