Monday, August 4, 2008

Books to Compliment SOTW 2

As I mentioned in my recent curriculum post, I decided this year I would purchase a book (or two or three!) from each chapter- the "best of the best". This list was compiled using recommendations from the Well Trained Mind Curriculum Board, the SOTW 2 Activity Guide and my own research.

I hope this list helps another mom who may want to do something similar. I do want to say that what I consider “the best of the best” may not be for your family so take my recommendations with that in mind. I chose books based on several criteria: books that would appeal to Thatcher (hence so many of Fiona McDonald’s titles from her You Wouldn’t Want to… series), classics that I wanted my child exposed to, books with beautiful language and/or illustrations, books that filled in the gaps of what I wanted Thatcher to know… Not all the books met all the criteria, of course, but I tried to sure that every book met at least one or more. A few book are used in several chapters as well and I still have a few chapters with no books listed.

Feel free to leave a comment if I have left off one of your family's favorites. I am sure there are many wonderful books I have missed that others would benefit from hearing about. :)

Ch. 1
The Glory that was Rome
I Wonder Why Romans Wore Togas…
Fiona MacDonald

Ch. 2
The Early Days of Britain
by Michael Morpurgo
Favorite Medieval Tales
Mary Pope Osborne

Ch. 3
Christianity Comes to Britain
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Michael Morpurgo
Across a Dark and Wild Sea
Don Brown
Life in a Medieval Monastery
Augustine Came to Kent
Barbara Willard
Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland
Tomie De Paola

Ch. 4
The Byzantine Empire
Famous Men of Middle Ages
Cyndy Shearer
Legend of Saint Nicholas

Ch. 5
The Medieval Indian Empire
I Doko: The Tale of a Basket
Ed Young

Ch. 6
The Rise of Islam
Stories of the Caliphs
Denys Johnson-Davies

Ch. 7
Islam becomes an Empire
Ludmila Zeman’s series (out of print – borrow from library)

Ch. 8
The Great Dynasties of China
Lon Po Po
Ed Young

Ch. 9
East of China
Grass Sandals

Ch. 10
The Bottom of the World
Qinkin Mountain
(Ultimately I was not able to find thesetwo books but they came highly recommended by an Aussie on the WTM board. I left them on the list, just in case.)

Ch. 11
The Kingdom of the Franks
Famous Men of Middle Ages
Favorite Medieval Tales

Ch. 12
Islamic Invasion
Three Golden Oranges

Ch. 13
The Great Kings of France
Famous Men of Middle Ages

Ch. 14
The Arrival of the Norsemen
Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky
Barbara Schiller

Ch. 15
The First Kings of England
The Vikings

Ch. 16
England After the Conquest
Medieval Feast
The Reluctant Dragon
Kenneth Grahame
Saint George and the Dragon
Margaret Hodges
Castle Diary: Tobias Burgess

Ch. 17
Knights and Samurai
Sword of the Samurai
by Eric A. Kimmel and Michael Evans
EyeWitness- Days of Knights

How to be a Medieval Knight
How to be a Samurai Warrior
Fiona MacDonald

Ch. 18
The Age of the Crusades
Chanticleer and the Fox
You Wouldn’t Want to be a Crusader
Fiona MacDonald
Canterbury Tales
Barbara Cohen

Ch. 19
A New Kind of King
Lives of Extraordinary Women
Robin Hood
Jim Weiss CD
Robin Hood-DK Rder
Angela Bull

Ch. 20
The Diaspora

Ch. 21
The Mongols Devastate the East
Mu Lan

Ch. 22
Exploring the Mysterious East
Silk Route: 7000Miles of History
John Major
Empty Pot

Ch. 23
The First Russians
Russian Fairy Tales

Ch. 24
The Ottoman Empire
Legend of the Persian Carpet

Ch. 25
The End of the World
You Wouldn’t Want to be Sick in the 16th Century
Door in the Wall
Marguerite De Angeli

Ch. 26
France and England at War
Joan of Arc
Diane Stanley

Ch. 27
War for the English Throne
Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare
Marcia Williams

Ch. 28
The Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal
Lives of Extraordinary Women

Ch. 29
African Kingdoms

Ch. 30
India Under the Monguls
The Rumor: A Jakata Tale from India
The Monkey and the Crocodile

Ch. 31
Exploring New Worlds
Columbus-Step n2 Reading Book
Who Was Ferdinand Magellan?
Who in the World was the Forgotten Explorer, Amerigo Vespucci?

Ch. 32
The American Kingdoms
You Wouldn’t Want to be…Aztec Sacrifice
You Wouldn’t Want to be…Mayan Soothsayer
You Wouldn’t Want to be an Inca Mummy

Ch. 33
Spain, Portugal and the New World
Lives of Extraordinary Women
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters
The Sad Night: Aztec Victory and Spanish Loss
Sally Schofer Mathews

Ch. 34
Marin Luther’s New Ideas
Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World
You Wouldn’t Want to be Married to Henry VIII
Francis: Poor Man of Assisi

Ch. 35
The Renaissance
J. Gutenburg and the Amazing Printing Press
Bruce Koscielniak
Leonardo and the Flying Boy
Laurence Anholt
Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Pieter Bruegel
Mike Venezia
How a Book is Made
Katie and the Mona Lisa
James Mayhew
Leonardo’s Horse
Marguerite Makes a Book
Bruce Robertson

Ch. 36
Reformation and Counter Reformation

Ch. 37
The New Universe
Starry Messenger
Peter Sis
The Genius of Leonardo

Ch. 38
England’s Greatest Queen
Elizabeth I
Good Queen Bess
Diane Stanley

Ch. 39
England’s Greatest Playwright
Bard of Avon
Shakespeare and the Globe
Tales from Shakespeare
Marcia Williams
More Tales from Shakespeare
Marcia Williams
Any of the Bruce Coville Shakespeare Books

Ch. 40
New Ventures to the Americas
Roanoake: The Lost Colony
Lee Miller

Ch. 41
Explorations in the North
With Pipe, Paddle and Song: A Story of the French-Canadian Voyageurs
Elizabeth Yates

Ch. 42
Empires Collide
You Wouldn’t Want to Sail in a Spanish Armada
You Wouldn’t Want to Explore with Sir Francis Drake

Additional Treasure Chests:
Ancient China

Other Recommended Books:
Clown of God (Read around Christmastime)
Days of Knights & Damsels
Laurie Carlson
Squire and the Scroll
Bishop and McDaniels
Minstrel in the Tower
Gloria Skurzynski
Caedmon’s Song



mom24 said...

I was lamenting this past Sunday that I hadn't gotten all my prep done for science and SOTW2 yet - we started this monday... :-(

And then I see this post and I realize how blessed I am to "know" (as in bloggy 'know') you! Thank you sooooo much for posting this - Jason will enjoy these as well!

Now if I could just get all my projects planned out - how much time would that save me per week, huh?


mom24 said...

Forgot to ask - are you working on any sort of timeline with Thatcher? I didn't get to it last year and just feel like it would do wonders in making connections and tying things together. I got mine here:

and then ordered some stickers from Veritas Press. I am determined to start on it this year. Check it out!


alabaster said...

Thanks for sharing this - now my work is done :) Well, not exactly but it sure is helpful.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I came across your blog today as I was searching for some more homeschooling "stuff"...and I am blown away by how much we have in common. I am a 34 year old pastor's 3 girls...8, 3, and 1 1/2. I am also a runner. I just finished my first half-marathon this spring. I live in Illinois and I am from Florida and like you, I told my husband (who is from Illinois) that I would never live in Illinois. This will be my first year homeschooling. I also taught school for 7 years before I became a stay-at-home mom. I look forward to reading your blog and hopefully we can chat one day. I really feel like the Lord led me to your blog today as I'm getting more and more nervous about this new task in my life. If you ever get a chance to

Stephani Penn

elleeyun said...

what a wonderful list! makes me wish i was doing sotw 2 instead of sotw 1 this year. you don't by chance happen to have a book list for sotw 1 do you?
thank you for all your work, jennifer.

elleeyun said...

btw, how much did it cost to buy all the books like that for sotw 2, if you don't mind sharing?

mom24 said...

I just got "Arthur High King of Britain" from the library. J is LOVING it! I just put him to bed and even I want to sneak back into this book to read what happens next. Michael Morpurgo has a great way with words and the illustrations are beautiful. Thanks for this tip!

Little Acorns Treehouse said...

Excellent post! Thanks for sharing your hard work. We will be starting SOTW later this year so I am gathering resources now. This post is one I will add to the files:)


Sharon said...

You said you couldn't find the recommended books for chapter 10 so can I suggest "The Frog Who Wouldn't Laugh" by Cecilia Egan (it's only a picture book but is a great re-telling of a traditional Aboriginal dreamtime myth) and "The Little Black Princess" by Mrs Aeneas Gunn. This one is a true story of a short period of the life of an Aboriginal girl living a semi-traditional life. It was written in 1902 by her white foster-mother. You can find a brief excerpt and review of it here:
~ Sharon from Equip Academy
PS I haven't visited your blog for a while, but I'm glad mom24 reminded me to come back again!

Jenny L. said...

Thank you, thank you , thank you! We are starting this too, your list will help me out a lot.

~Java Mama~ said...

Wow, what a truly amazing blessing!! We will be venturing through SOTW 2 this year and your list will be a wonderful resource for me, thanks!

JOYfully in Him,

Sherri in GA said...

Thank you so much for this list!

Melanee said...

Thank you for this list...just what I needed!

(muffinmom from WTM)

Evamarie said...

I want to say thanks for putting this together. I just found it and it is perfect for what we need. We ran late with SOTW 1 so just starting 2. I work full time so I can't do as much as I want on my own and appreciate all of the hardworking homeschooling parents out there that are willing to share.