Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Beginning

In the last few months we have been dealing with increasingly challenging behavior from Thatcher. He has been in (what I call) a downward spiral. His ADHD is absolutely at it's worst. He has more and more emotional outbursts when he doesn't get what he wants. His behavior towards his brothers has been unacceptable more than I'd like to admit. He even wakes up grumpy and frustrated. It feels like I've been watching a bad train wreck but helpless to do anything productive to assist (although believe me, we have tried!!!). The situation hasn't been dire but it has been tough for sure.

That is until yesterday. I am not sure what made the change (other than fervent prayer) but I am sooo very thankful it did. Thatcher woke up with a smile on his face and full of hugs for his brothers and me. He responded appropriately when lovingly corrected. He had excellent manners, was patient, helpful and kind! It was like someone handed me back my son from a few years ago! Today went almost as well, too.

I am going to work so hard to keep us in this upward spiral - tons of praise and encouragement, extra privileges and rewards. We have been talking about how good it feels to honor God by loving others, sharing with others and bringing joy to others. He seems to be getting it, at least a little bit! These are not new things but I am just being extra-deliberate to incorporate them into our days. Sometimes he needs me to "connect the dots" for him when he can't do it on his own and that's what I am trying to do: making those connections that when we make wise choices it brings peace and joy to our lives.

Just wanted to share a little behind the scenes around here these past few days!



Anonymous said...

How did you go about getting your son diagnosed? I have an 8 yr old whom is most definately ADHD. He attends speech therapy at the local public school -- his therapist said their is no need for me to have him officially evaluated until he goes back to a regular school setting. She has said he has no learning disabilities and is very smart. What do you think? We too took a nutrition approach to help our son. The book Is This Your Child? by Dorris Rapp changed our lives. Our son is so much happier now. Whenever he has a growth spurt though I notice horrible regression. Maybe that is what your little guy is experiencing? Anyway, prayers to you because I know what a tough road it is. When I get discouraged I try to think of all the special gifts that God has given my son including his immeasurable passion and energy for what inspires him.
~ Mogster

Corrie said...

Thanks for your honesty. You are a great example of the power of positive. I am also struggling with getting my son to give his best effort at school. I keep telling myself "its got to get better." Yesterday several times I said, "I'm going to enroll him in public school now!" and then I thought, "I need to send a note to Jennefer." I didn't think you'd have all the answers, just that you'd understand! Thanks again.
-not sure if this posted, please forgive if this posts twice, computer just freaked out a bit!!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Well, Amen! I hope the good days start to tip the scale the other direction.

Thinking of you and your family.

mom24 said...

The growth spurt thing sounds like a possibility for any extra struggles - I've seen that connection with R's behavior fluxes. Did you notice any worsening when you went back onto food with wheat in it? Maybe it WAS making a difference to be off of it and now his body is responding poorly to it again?

Even though we can't always figure out the causes, I know that you know where to go in these times. I just posted a verse that really hit me and helped me this past week (R's tantrums were through the roof the whole week!).


God is so good! He will refine BOTH of you through these daily struggles. I will pray that you can help keep him focused and encouraged on God-pleasing behavior in the days to come!

Blessings & hugs too,

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

I'm so happy to hear of this progress! I think it's amazing how you wrote about him needing you to connect the dots. That encourages me to keep a mindful eye on my boys and see where I may need to give more attention.

Jennefer said...


So far our only official diagnosis has come from our pediatrician. The ADHD we have know about for years. At the age of two we knew actually! We have an appointment at the Meyer Clinic in Houston (Developmental Pediatricians) in December for further evaluation. We are unsure whether we will keep this appointment though. Still trying to determine whether a label at this point will help or not. If it allowed us to get more services (mainly OT) through our insurance then it would be worth it but other than that if we continue homeschooling then I don't think that we can justify a label at this point. Ask me tomorrow and I may change my mind!

Thanks for the mention of that book. That's one I am unfamiliar with. I will check it out this week!

Blessings to you,