Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our New Spanish Learning Games

Awhile back I did my first post on all the Spanish games we had acquired. You can read it here. Of all those mentioned in the original post we use the Learning Resources Spanish bean bags and the Leap Frog Bilingual Memory Mate the most. We also get quite a bit of use out of the puzzle cards also from Learning Resources.

Oh, oh, oh...I just checked to the Learning Resources site to see if these products are still available. It looks like they have the Spanish bean bags on clearance (look towards the bottom of the page). They are cheap, cheap, cheap! This set of the Spanish puzzle cards is on clearance as well. Actually, if you just look on this page (I just typed "Spanish" in their search box) you can see lots of their Spanish products for 50% off and more! I hope someone gets a good deal on some new goodies for their school. :)

Okay, that ended up being a huge (but fun) digression! For Christmas this year we added to our collection and I thought I'd share these new resources. Thatcher got Magnetic Poetry Kids "Kids' Spanish Kit". It includes over 200 double-sided word magnets printed with Spanish on one side and English on the other. This is a set Thatcher will be able to play with for a very long time; it includes lots of verbs which we have hardly gotten to yet. I pulled 50 words (about 35 he already knew) and have been letting him play with them on a metal cookie sheet. He has also played with them on our magnetic dry erase board, sticking a magnet in place and then drawing a picture to describe that word. Once he knows all those words then we'll choose 50 more.

We also got this fun set of jumbo English-Spanish dominoes. They are perfect because we can play together. Even Beckett can join in the fun simply matching the pictures. This is my favorite of the three we added to the Spanish shelf!

Last, we got Usborne's First Fun with Spanish DVD. It is not a riveting, action-packed video that many kiddos are used to but it is a good (albeit slow) introduction to lots and lots of Spanish vocabulary. One fun extra is that there is a little yellow duck in each scene to find. That helped keep my kiddo's attention! You walk though a day with Isabel and her family as they go about their normal activities. Isabel's family does not speak Spanish so she translates for you. I like how the vocabulary is introduced in context and several simple phrases and sentences are taught as well. This is certainly not the pinacle of our Spanish collection but sometimes when I just have to pop in a video, they will be learning lots! ;)

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