Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Colorado, here I come!

This morning dh and I are heading to Colorado to ski for three days at Copper Mountain! My sweet in-laws are here to stay with our boys and they will have a great time. I love skiing and went almost every year with my church youth group as a kid from 7th grade through high school and then a few times after college. But I haven't been on skis in a decade and I am wondering how I am going to do after so long! Here's the story about how and why we are going again...

This week is when I would have had baby #4 and I knew it was going to be hard for me. I mentioned to dh not long after we lost that baby that I wanted to use some of our frequent flyer miles to go somewhere for a few days this week, just the two of us. Well our Sr. Pastor knows a retired couple in Colorado who blesses ministry couples by flying them up there and hosting them for a week at their condo on the mountain. He and his wife has been guests of this family a few times now and called the couple to ask if we could come along this year. They were kind enough to extend the invitation to us as well. We will ski all day and eat in restaurants we could never afford on our own each night, not to mention we will get lots of time with our Sr. Pastor and his wife who are some of our favorite people on earth!!! :) I cannot wait!!!

I'll post pictures when we get home. I hope you all have a great week whatever you are up to, too!



mom24 said...

Goodness, I'm envious! I LOVE to ski and got to ski CO when I was in highschool. I wanted to go there for college just for that reason! :-)
But it's just like riding a bike - ya never forget (although I'm sure you'll feel some muscle groups you forgot about - lol!). Sounds like a wonderful time!!!

argsmommy said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip and the perfect plan for what I'm sure is a difficult time. How great God is to work out all the details so well.


Angela said...

Hope you have a great time- I wish I would have done that on our 5th. We spent two years adopting from China and pulled out after a heartbreaking experience. The day my group got there referrals, pics and babies, I thought I would be fine, until I ran into one of the women. Right there in the parking lot- I broke down. So good for you! The air will be great and I believe that you are always closer to God in the mountains. I am a skier of course :)