Monday, September 10, 2007

A Book Review: The Jesus Storybook Bible

This is the most beautiful Children's Bible I have ever seen - both for its illustrations and, more importantly, its content. I sat at my desk and wept as I read the first five stories.

Now, some people think the Bible is a book of rules,
telling you what you should and shouldn't do.

The Bible certainly does have rules in it.
They show you how life works best.

But the Bible isn't mainly about you and what you should be doing.
It's about God and what he has done.

-Chapter One, The Story and the Song (emphasis mine)

How refreshing in the increasingly me-centered world we find ourselves inhabiting. The premise, and what makes this Children's Bible altogether different from others, is that God's redemptive plan is woven in each and every story, continually pointing your child to Christ as ultimate Redeemer! The subtitle of the book itself is "Every story whispers his name."

Here are the endings of two stories which illustrate this truth-

A Giant Staircase to Heaven: The Tower of Babel concludes:

You see, God knew, however high they reached,
however hard they tried,
people could never get back to heaven themselves.
People didn't need a staircase; they needed a Rescuer.
Because the way back to heaven wasn't a staircase; it was a Person.
People could never reach up to Heaven,
so Heaven would have to come down to them.
And, one day, it would.

The final paragraph of The Present: The Story of Abraham and Isaac:

Many years later, another Son would climb another hill,
carrying wood on his back.
Like Isaac, he would trust his Father and do what his Father asked.
He wouldn't struggle or run away. Who was he?
God's Son, his only Son - the Son he loved.
The Lamb of God.

If you are interested in seeing more, click on the photo and it will take you to Westminster Bookstore's webpage. There you can read more reviews (much more eloquently stated than mine) and even download a pdf that shows two full stories: David's Anointing by Samuel and John the Baptist. You can see for yourself if this Bible might be something you will want to include in your family's library. I am so glad it has found its way into ours!


Jago said...

Hi, glad you enjoyed the book. If anyone would like to see more of the illustrations there are a selection on my website.

All the best

Jago (illustrator of The Jesus Storybook Bible)

Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

Hi Jennefer

Thanks very much indeed for this lovely review. And for helping get the word out about the book.

It's God's Story and I'm so honored to be part of re-telling it for children. Thank you for your part in helping to get it into more hands (big and small)!

It's very exciting to see how God is using this book. And how so many are passionate about sharing it with friends and loved ones.

If you want to know more, my website has reviews, interviews, and downloadable samples, etc. (

Well--that's it for now. thanks again Jennefer! (and thanks too for stopping by and commenting on my blog.)

LisaWA said...

I love it! Great review! I think it will make the perfect Christmas gift for my niece and nephews in California! *Ü*

jago... wonderful pictures.. thanks for leaving the link!


Cyndi said...

Wow, what a great review! I will take a closer look at this for our family because of this. I appreciate you taking the time to write about it.

my5wolfcubs said...

Thanks again for sharing this, Jennefer! I'd love to read some more reviews from you!

Daisy (from WTM) said...

I ordered this today. My husband and I just fell in love with the story and illustrations. Thank you so much for your review.

Anonymous said...

This sounds wonderful! Thank you for the review...I am adding this book to my wishlist. :)

Alane's Dirt Pile said...

It looks amazing, Jennefer. Thanks for recommending it!

Admiring Lurker said...

Man, what clout! You write a review and the first two comments are from the illustrator and the author? You gotta be kiddin' me! That's some power blog you've got goin'! You go girl :)


In all seriousness, thanks for the review. I can't think of a better way for kids to understand the Big Story of the Bible.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

You are the second person this week that has recommended this book! When we finish our current devotional, I am definitely going to purchase this one. The illustrations look beautiful!

Staci in WA said...

We just finished reading those same first stories this week with our 5 and 2 year old. It is a GREAT book. I love how much it emphasizes the need for a Savior.
~Blessings to you

Anonymous said...

I saw this at BAMM today and bought it!
It is a beautiful book and I can't wait to begin reading it to my little ones tomorrow morning.
God bless,
Debbie C.

LisaWA said...

Hey my friend... I shared your post with my home school yahoo group... Wonderful job!

Peace my friend.... Lisa~

Anna said...

I've heard this title recommended before, and now I am especially curious! Thanks for the review!

Molly said...

What ages do you think this would be best for? My youngest is 7, I'm afraid we may have passed this level. It certainly looks wonderful, though!

The Mrs. said...

This is my absolute favorite childrens bible. I have read it cover to cover over and over again to my children. It is so beautifully written and my children (and I) have had so many awesome "aha" moments reading it.