Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 7 and 8 Report

With a weekend trip at the end of last week, the Week 7 Report didn't happen. So now I present the Week 7 and 8 Report!

I've mentioned before that we have been working on catching up to our Year at a Glance! I am happy to say that we are right where I wanted to be in three subjects: math, language and phonics! In the next few weeks I hope to be caught up in History and Science too. We've been having so much fun with these that we've been taking our time. Ultimately I know there can be great value in slowing down and soaking it in but I don't want to (a) never finish (b) work on all our holidays to get it finished (c) skip huge chunks. I would rather go ahead and get back on schedule and then use our breaks to return to anything that peaked his interest the first time around. I really do want him to be exposed to the entire content of the curriculum we've chosen for him - even if some of the exposure is brief!

Here is our updated Year at a Glance chart. Everything we've done is now in white.

Here are some of the highlights of the last two weeks:

Math: I have just decided that one page of Horizons is going to take us 45 minutes to an hour. And I am finally okay with that. This is the is how Thatcher approaches a problem:

"Okay mom. This problem says 7+9. Well I know that 7+7 is double and it equals 14. Remember the doubles, Mom? Like 3+3, 4+4 and 5+5. Well, since 7+7 is 14 then 7+8 equals 15 and that means 7+9 equals 16. There's another way to do it too! I know that 7+10 equals 17. Those plus 10 additions facts are easy mom! Well since 7+10 equals 17 then 7+9 would be one less which is 16. Okay now I can write it because I am sure the answer is 16."

Think of a child doing that for every problem on the page and you have our math lessons. It can get maddening! I know is great that he can employ these thought processes but no matter how much I have encouraged him to do the thinking in his brain, he can't. I don't think he is there yet. So we will be spending an hour a day on math. Timers, bribes and whatever other trick you can name, I've tried it. An hour it is! I am interested in some of the supplemental things out there for math but at the pace we're going, we'd better just stick with Horizons for now.

Language: Even though I think FLL is a little dry I love it. It is so gentle. I have read many opinions that say a formal grammar program is unnecessary until 3rd or 4th grade but since FLL only takes 10 minutes a day (at most) I see no reason not to start now. We are up to lesson 73 and he's learned so much already.

ETC: Nothing new or different here. At this point ETC is like putting on a pair of fuzzy slippers; it's cozy and comfortable and does the job. It's not flashy or racy but consistent and thorough.

History: We've had so much fun learning all about mummies! We are going to begin the process of mummifying a chicken tomorrow. Thatcher is so excited but Dh has said that it can in no way be anywhere he can see it! Wanna see what else has been a big hit around here?
Thatcher and I have had a blast playing with this little mummy. I bought it on a whim at Borders but I could have saved money by ordering it online. Oh well, for the fun we had it was worth it!

Spanish and Science: not much has happened other than free play and exploration in these areas but we'll jump right back in on Monday. We spent so much time getting caught up in the aforementioned subjects that these took a backseat.

Art and Music Appreciation: Nothing has happened in the way art. I don't even think I have mentioned Rembrandt's name to Thatcher yet! I have lots of catching up to do there. I think I have put it off because I feel so unknowledgeable in this area I don't even want to attempt to teach it. I have it in my brain that I want to get this-

and I don't think I'll be prepared to teach without it. Okay that may be a bit of an overstatement but trust me when I say I really don't know anything about art!

As far as music we had a sweet moment this past week. I went to put on a Bach CD while I prepared dinner and Thatcher asked if they could listen to their Bach Comes to Call. The boys sat quietly and built with their megabloks for the entire length of the CD. It was wonderful! Quiet moments that last more than 10 minutes are few and far between in a home with three young boys - at least my three young boys anyway!

I am off to read all your blogs and see how your weeks went, too!


Rhonda said...

It sounds like things are going great. Your son's math conversations crack me up. If he is enjoying it, let him spend as much time as he wants on it.

Sheryl said...

The math senario is so funny. I have a similar "problem" with my 6 year old but with reading. It goes something like this ...dd reading" Dave, Pat, and Meg are three bunnies that live in a forest"..look Mommy, that rabbit has a red nose and that one has a pink nose..Do you think rabbits have red or pink noses? I think that either one could be right. Mommy, remember that baby deer we saw on the way to church. Do you think it has seen any rabbits...And then she moves on to sentence number two. Aghhhh! I love her imagination but sometimes she wears me out. Enjoyed the update. Sheryl