Saturday, September 1, 2007

Week 4 Report

Did you like it??? I had dh sit down and create this slide show with me. Next week I'll try it all by myself. It's fun to learn something new!

Okay, to the matter at hand - our Week 4 Report.

Handwriting - To truly appreciate this photo, you would have to see where we started on day one of Kindergarten. I would teach Thatch a letter and the next day (sometimes the next minute) he had no clue how to properly form it. No muscle memory would be the understatement of the century! :) He has worked hard and come so far.

Math - Still his favorite subject and what he wants to do first each morning after Bible.

Phonics - We've hit our first bump in the road with ETC after two years of success with this program. On Thatcher's last two "tests" (the last page of each lesson gives the opportunity to write each word from the lesson and we use it as an assessment tool) he has missed half the words - although only by a letter or two. After some deliberation, I think I know the problem. I am using these workbooks the same way I was at the beginning - a quick lesson to start and then he completes the pages independently. That worked fine with one and even simple two syllable words. Now that the words/skills have increased in difficulty, he needs more review and support along the way. I still need to think through what this will look like before we start next week.

History - I was so nervous about starting History for some reason. It seems so much more complicated than our other 20 minute lessons: read a chapter, do copywork, mapwork, read additional library books, complete an art project, etc. It was great though. Thatcher talked about what he learned all week and even spelled "nomad" with his alphabet cookies tonight. My favorite is the cave drawing he did all by himself (except for the horns on his deer). I almost didn't do this project because I didn't have all the recommended materials. That's my personality - by the book, just like it says, no creativity, just follow the directions - but I realized how silly that was. I modified it, and we had a ball.

On to do my lesson plans for Week 5. How is your year going?


LisaWA said...

Wonderful week... love the picture slide show! Cool!! *Ü* I love seeing… its so much more fun than just reading!

Planning is done for the week... its more organizing at the moment....

Out of 2 weeks of school, both weeks have not gone as planned. It’s always less complicated in MY MIND.... then reality! lol

Next week is a new week! I look forward to what it brings me....

Peace~ *Ü* Lisa~

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

You are getting quite techno-savvy Ms. Jen!

We had the week off, something I didn't do nearly enough of last year, and I can't believe how eager I feel to get back. It's good for the soul. SO no academic reports from the boybarians this week.

Handwriting is impressive. I have one who can't remember of identify even one letter after 5 min, so I understand the recognition struggle. He has done some FINE work. Wahooos all around!

Kristiana said...

Nice work. I like the slideshow! I love seeing what others are doing :)

Diane said...

Love the updates! I may as well copy and paste your slideshow because we are also doing Horizons 2 and we just finished our cave painting. LOL My Son, I believe, is a little older than yours. I am LOVING SOTW. Did you by chance read any of the corresponding literature books? We read It's Disgusting and we Ate it, and it was a big hit here. We laughed, got grossed out, son wants to try some dandelions now. blech. :)

I really enjoy visiting your blog and have added you to my "friends"...easy access now.

Have an extrememly blessed week.


Diane said...

One more thing...I haven't seen Leading Little Ones to you think my son who just turned 7 is too old for this book? I want to get that and the Miller series, just trying to figure out which of the miller series we'd like...any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

hi, it's such a blessing for me to find your blog. i'm pulling out my kids from school this year to homeschool them using bob jones home satellite program. my question to you is, how do you deal with record keeping? in an event that homeschooling does not work for us anymore, how do i handle my kids transcript record? can you share some insights on this? i'd greatly appreciate any advice that you may have. thank you so much!


Jennefer said...


We are just finishing up Wisdom and the Millers and I would *highly* recommend it! Next I think we'll read Storytime with the Millers because so many on the WTM boards have spoken so highly of that title as well.

As for Leading Little Ones to God, I think it would be perfect for a 7yo. The lessons are short but packed full of great lessons.

Here are the lesson titles in Part One: (1) Our Hearts Ask for God (2) We Cannot See God (3) We See God's Works (4) God Talked to People Long Ago (5) God Talks to Us (6) God Sent His Son. Each section also has a memory verse as well. Some people dislike that all the verses are from the KJV but I just write out the verse in our preferred version on a sticky note and put in on the needed page.

Let me know what you decide. :)


Jennefer said...


I am so sorry but I cannot help much with the record keeping end of homeschooling. We are in Texas and our laws here are very lax (said with a smile and a thankful heart!). It would depend on the ages of your children (younger ones across the board are typically easier to keep records on) and the laws in your state.

I can guide you to some really knowledgeable ladies (a few gentlemen, too) on the Well-Trained Mind message boards. ( Post your question on the K-8 or High School Board - again depending on the ages of your dc. They would be able to help you much more than I!

If you need help with anything else, I would be honored!

Blessings on your new journey,

Kerri said...

Hi Jennefer!

Your week looks great. I am really enjoying looking at everyone's weekly reports. Looks like you kiddos are working hard.

I was feeling very caught up until my parents came to visit *U*. Now I am a little behind again. Oh well.

I saw your post on my blog and you asked about my running. (while hanging my head in shame :)) I haven't been running. It seems like I haven't figured how to fit it all in. However I did run today with the boys.

Have a wonderful week

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennefer,

Thank you so much! My older children are entering 4th grade (twin boys) and the youngest is 5 turning 6 in December. We live in California. Homeschool law here is very much unlike in Texas...makes me want to move there. :-)

I will definitely check the forum on the website that you've suggested.

Your site is such an inspiration and i will be coming very often to draw strength, commitment and inspiration for our homeschooling adventure.

God bless you and your family!


Anonymous said...

What a great week! Love the cave drawing. : )

Anna said...

What history/map curriculum are you using? There is so many good ones out there!