Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Weekly Menu

I am still working on my "ultimate" grocery shopping/meal planning system but in the meantime I thought I'd share this simple idea. Every Sunday I post the upcoming week's meal schedule on the fridge for all to see. It may sound silly but it truly helps me have it posted so there is no thinking or decision making (regarding meals at least) once my week starts. I have already made certain I have all ingredients to make every dish so there are no quickie trips needed to pick up that one missing item when you already have a dish half-made! An extra bonus is I can see on one sheet if everyone is getting a well balanced and varied diet.

Anything - no matter how seemingly small - that helps me save time/energy I can use towards school and/or playing with my boys is a welcome addition at my house! :)

Hope this helps someone!


Diane said...

This system has been a life saver for me. It is a huge help in every aspect, from saving $$ to saving time. Like you mentioned, though, it is the best way to make sure your diets are well rounded. This was the biggest plus for me. I buy certain fruits and veggies that are in season, and make plans for them. :) Whatever doesn't get used up in the plan, gets used for something else the next week. I usually freeze and then bake, or put into soups, etc...
You know another BIG time saver for me??? Say, when you are making your lasagna...make two. Buy those disposable foil pans, and just let it cool off and freeze. In a couple weeks, defrost and wah lah, you have food for a couple days.
That really cuts down on dishes being washed, heat, time, etc...

Have a terrific week.

LisaWA said...

Still working on mine! I get a few days planned and that’s about it! You have inspired me dear….

Now that fall is truly here in WA soups are becoming more and more a staple meal. Last night we had minestrone with bread and salad. Numm….

Lisa, your KS friend....

Anonymous said...

When or if you have the time( like any of us do) could you post some of the recipes for your dinners like the enchiladas or the pork loin. I have been married for 10 years and cooking is still not my thing. Tonight I am trying a macadamia nut chicken breast and seasame snap peas. If it turns out yummy maybe I could swap with you.
Thanks for the ideas. Sheryl in GA

Trivium Academy said...

Looks great, very healthy and well-balanced! I laughed out loud when I saw McDonald's and get fast food after seeing the mango smoothie.

:) How's the boys?

Jennefer said...


Gotta have a little fun, don't we? or at least a little (and cheap) break from cooking! Lol!


Jennefer said...


I will try and post some recipes soon - or at least email them to you. :) I love to cook and bake but unfortunately with 4 picky boys (dh included in that!) and not much time I am pretty limited these days. I will be happy to share anything you are interested in though!


my5wolfcubs said...

Looks great! I haven't made a menu in...well, I haven't made one in 2007 anyway. I should though, it does all the things you said it does.

Cyndi said...

Oh, doing this has helped tremendously at our house, too!

An added benefit to having the menu posted is that on "leftover night" they have a list of what leftovers there are. That sounds silly, but it's easy to forget what's in the fridge (or what's recent anyway!)

I hope y'all are having a good week!