Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Beckett!

My littlest man turned three just a few short weeks ago. Here are some photos from his special day...

Each of my boys has celebrated their 3rd birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese. This photo turned out over-exposed but I still had to include it; he doesn't look like a baby anymore. :(

What do they say about boys always love their mommies?!

This child is passionate about a few things...Thomas the Train, GeoTrax and Cars. He hit the jackpot on this birthday in all three departments. He was one happy child. :)

The baby of the family. He truly relished this moment when all eyes were on him. ;)

Blowing out the candles on Year 2 and hello Year 3.

One of the loving nicknames we use for our boys is, "monkeys", as in, "The monkeys are awake for the day," or "Okay monkeys, it's time for dinner." Not exactly sure how that came about or why, but it has definitely stuck. About a month before B's birthday, as I was looking through cake decorating magazines for inspiration, I jokingly said, "I think I'll make you a monkey cake, you little monkey!" Well he thought it was hilarious and began talking about his monkey cake to anyone who would listen. I had no choice at that point...a monkey it was. Then I just had to figure out how.

This was my second time playing with fondant after the Lego man on Thatcher's cake.
It was so much fun! It's just like playing with play dough.

The idea was that the monkey was supposed to be holding a banana in one hand and a birthday cake in the other. It was a lot easier than trying to form some sort of monkey hand for sure!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Beckett.

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ByHISgoodGrace said...

Happy Birthday to Beckett!
I'm so impressed with your cake--you should start doing that professionally! It's one of the nicest cakes I've seen done.

Butterfly said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun cake!