Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What the '09-'10 School Year Holds for Haddon and Beckett

Most of the focus for the past two years on this blog have been on Thatcher and our academic endeavors with him. That will be changing as his brothers are getting older and starting their own scholastic pursuits. Expect to being seeing more posts relating to preschool in coming months!

Starting in September, Beckett (3) will attend preschool at our church two days a week from 9-2. It will so good for him and me! Let me explain. I have not shared much about this little guy in the past so let me introduce you to him. He is my Jekyll and Hyde. He is either completely endearing and adorable, full of hugs, kisses and smiles...or he is completely ticked off and often yelling and screaming. He is 100% happy or 100% angry, no in-between with this little guy. And 100% personality to boot. He is the most demonstrative child I have ever seen, constantly talking with his hands and so incredibly expressive. He is a complete hoot, a complete joy and a complete challenge. The most demanding of my three (at this stage) by far, even with Thatcher's ADHD and Asperger's in the mix. He is incredibly strong-willed and will go 100 rounds and then 10 more if it means he thinks he will finally wear me down. ;) He challenges me each and every day and in the midst of it all, I love this kid to pieces.

In addition to preschool, next year he will be tagging along with many of Haddon's readings (listed below) and school videos. We will be working hard on learning to play independently, completing simple games and activities and lots of character building ala CM "Laying Down the Rails". We will be doing lots of play dough and tactile activities as well. He already knows his colors, numbers, letters and letter sounds. More pre-reading games and activities, if he shows interest, may pop up as well.

Next year I will be starting K-4 with Haddon. K-4, as I define it, means that we will start our Kindergarten curriculum but take our time getting through. If we finish next year, great. If it takes us a full two years, that's okay too. We will most likely still be doing 2-3 hours of daily therapy with Thatcher in addition to his school load (lightened somewhat) so some videos and media time will be needed to help fill his day.

Now I get to tell you about Haddon. He is my compliant middle child. Peace-maker and tender-hearted, but he is no push-over. He can stand up to big brother - and little brother for that matter, too. ;) He is very much a pleaser and is always looking for and needing affirmation. He adores his big brother, is our dog, Wrigley's, best friend and loves animals and critters of all sorts. He currently is wanting a kitten of his very own. He can't wait to start school with Mommy.

Here is what he will be doing for K-4:



JavaMama said...

I love your description of your Beckett, sound just like my Kai who is now 5. He is a beautiful mess that I just love to peices ;0).

Thanks for sharing your K4 curriculum, I needed some ideas for Kindergarten.

JOYfully in Him,

Melissa said...

More evidence for the significance of birth order... you could have been describing my second and third! Then add estrogen to #3 and imagine the highs and lows. ;) She's full of life, that one.

Jennefer said...


"A beautiful mess". I think that describes my little man perfectly. I think I will borrow that phrase for him. Thanks! :)


Oh I can't imagine adding estrogen to the mix. Oh vey! I have always said that if I never have a little girl, he will fill that drama queen role by being my drama king! :) Are you saving yet to come to Texas?! Let's talk soon and make some plans!!!!


my5wolfcubs said...

Looks good! I can't wait to see your preschool board!
I saw you donated your hair! Two thumbs up! I think mine will be long enough next summer to donate again.

Nikki said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. I was very interested to read what you will be doing with your son. I am thinking of homeschooling, my son will be 5 this December. Thank you for the helpful list. I will look forward to seeing your homemade games and the preschool board. I'm new at this so it's helpful to see what other families use.