Sunday, August 26, 2007

What I'd Like to Blog About...

I was sitting in our schoolroom getting ready for the week but thought about all the things I'd like to blog about in the coming days. Blogging has become increasingly harder each week as we fold in more subjects; it's taking me longer each evening to get ready for the following day. I am hoping that once we get on a roll things will be less time-consuming in the preparation department.

Here are some of the things I look forward to posting soon:
  • Our Week 3 Report - no pictures this time but at least get the nuts and bolts posted before I forget! :) BTW, take a look at how Lisa at Koinonia Academy posted her photos on her weekly report. I want to learn how to do this!
  • Grocery Plan for this semester. I have been working on a plan to simplify grocery shopping while still saving tons of money (I am a coupon queen...really and truly...I won't hardly purchase anything if it's not on sale and I have a coupon on top of that!). Last year I spent six hours each Saturday going to up to four stores to save the maximum amount of money. I am trying something different this semester.
  • My Spanish Plan - I have some great ideas about what we're going to do this year!
  • My Teacher Book - See my inspiration at Trivium Academy's site.
Hope everyone has a great week!


Kerri said...


I know what you mean about less time for blogging. My goal is once a week at this point. I saw the neat photo slide show on someone elses blog too. It isn't hard to do! Just follow the link at the bottom of the show you have linked. I was able to put one on my sight just as a test. You can even change the way it flips through the photos.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Way out in the Desert

Trivium Academy said...

I can't wait to see your Spanish plan and my biggest help in grocery shopping once a month is Sam's Club, where I can buy in bulk and then I go to Walmart and get the other items we don't need in bulk. It makes for a very full vehicle with the two kids but we get it done.

Maybe I'll make a field trip out of it and take pictures one time- that would be interesting! I can't help with the "time for blogging", but I would say that you can put it in a document without being online and just post it when you're ready.

:) Have a great Monday!

my5wolfcubs said...

I'm looking forward to hearing your Spanish plan too! My grand introduction to making Latin come alive today wasn't so grand but it will be easier tomorrow (I hope!).

LisaWA said...

Well I will say me 3! My only true plan is to follow the Easy Spanish and supplement....

So me 3... Can’t wait for the plans! LOL So I can glean...

The photos were pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Click on the site and you will see. You can do all kinds of things.

Smooch on the cheek! Have a great day...